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The Polish Film Festival in Perth & Sydney aims to showcase Polish cinematography and promote films made by Polish filmmakers or with a relevant Polish component. The festival predominantly screens new feature films but other productions, such as documentary films, short films, and Polish classics, are also included in the program from time to time.

The festival's intention is to offer in cinema experience to our audience, however, online screenings maybe also be organised.  



Voting for audience's favourite film has been introduced at the 7th Polish Film Festival in Perth.

The winner of Audience Choice is decided by festival attendees who can vote for their favorite film by rating each film they saw.

The film that receives the most votes wins the title of Audience Choice. 


The first winner of Audience Choice was I NEVER CRY by Piotr Domalewski. 



Film submission is open all year round. The final selection is usually made three months before the event start. All films submitted prior are taken into consideration. 

Note: To be considered for the upcoming 8th edition of the Festival films must be submitted by 15 July 2022. 

Unless indicated otherwise, your submission will be considered for screening/s in Sydney and Perth. The film may be selected to screen in both cities or only one of them depending on festival dates and program requirements. 




Films should be submitted for selection in the following way:

– by completing an entry form available here or by including all key information in an email

– by sending a private link to the content and a password for password protected work

– by meeting key requirements listed below




  • The film must be made by Polish filmmaker/s (director, producer or key crew members) or a filmmaker/s of Polish descent. Alternatively, it should have a strong Polish component to justify inclusion in the Polish Film Festival. 

  • Film submitted must represent the final form in which the film will be exhibited.

  • Films in a language other than English must be supplied with English subtitles at least three weeks before event start.

  • A preview link to a film must be provided with your submission.

  • Unless other arrangements are made film must be available in DCP format for cinema screenings.

  • When an encrypted DCP is to be supplied, two KDM sets must be issued to all cinema screens, one for testing purposes and second for the actual festival screening of the film. Alternatively, one KDM with longer access dates can be provided to cover the film test and festival screening/s.

  • Promotion materials (a press kit, at least four images, film teaser and/or a trailer) must be delivered upon request

  • Film must be submitted by a person authorised to do so.




Completed film submission form (or an email with all key information and a preview link) must be sent to info (at) There is no entry fee.

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