Planeta Singli 2





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MONDAY, 10/12/2018 6:45pm



Original Title:  Planeta Singli 2

Duration:  119 min

Language:  Polish with English subtitles


Director: Sam Akina

Writer:  Jules Jones, Sam Akina

Cast: Maciej Stuhr, Agnieszka Więdłocha, Piotr Głowacki, Weronika Książkiewicz, Tomasz Karolak, Joanna Jarmołowicz, Danuta Stenka, Kamil Kula, Izabella Miko



Planet Single 2 is one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the year and the sequel to the wildly successful 2016 smash hit. 


Ania (Agnieszka Więdłocha) and Tomek (Maciej Stuhr), the couple brought together by a dating app Planet Single, are going through a major crisis. The showman and TV celebrity that Tomek is has no intention of settling down. Ania, on the other hand, wants a firm commitment. When it turns out Tomek and Ania want something different from life, the bubble of ideal love bursts and they are almost ready to go their separate ways.


The romantic music teacher soon realizes that there is another man right beside her, and her perfect match too – Alexander (Kamil Kula), the creator and owner of the Planet Single app. Not only is he handsome and intelligent, but also ridiculously rich. Enchanted with Ania, the inventor of the perfect love match algorithm discovers that she is the one and only for him! With a serious rival for the heart of Ania looming on the horizon, Tomek will have to decide what matters most.



Planet Single was made in a way that was quite exceptional for the Polish market. We set out in advance to make a work driven by the creative producer, present and active in each and every stage of development. We knew exactly what we wanted so we approached our work making zero allowances for ourselves. We realized that if we were to make sequels, we had to shoot part two and three back to back. That way we were able to make subsequent plans and react to scenes as they were being written by the screenwriters, which in the long run resulted in a cohesive, consistent reality.


We are big fans of classic Polish comedies. “Jak rozpętałem drugą wojnę światową”, “Sami swoi”, the films by Stanisław Bareja... We have known all of those by heart since we were kids, having watched them countless times in our homes. Why? Because they had well constructed plots, distinctive protagonists, as well as casts of brilliant actors who could play both extremely funny and extremely touching roles. We talked on numerous occasions about the fact that the Polish cinema of today had forgotten how to laugh at life and had become heavy. We acknowledged the good condition of Polish art cinema. We saw, however, how bad the Polish commercial cinema was: it lacked good‐quality entertainment, lacked solid scripts, lacked an offer for really vast audiences of all ages. We set ourselves a challenge: not only would we try our hand at commercial cinema, but while doing so, we would pick up the genre most ridiculed in our country: the romantic comedy. We decided to see if it was possible to develop a project on the Polish market that could rival the British romcoms we loved so much, such as “About a Boy”, “Notting Hill” or “Love Actually” – that is, commercial productions that were nevertheless far from stupid, entertaining as well as touching, and with a high re‐watching potential. That is how Planet Single came about. 

Our producers’ debut was enough of a hit to give us decision‐making freedom when it came to our next moves. At the same time, it confirmed for us that the viewers appreciated a well‐told story in which the funny would mix up with the touching. That was the road along which we continued as we developed Planet Single 2.















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