Warsaw 44
Traffic Department
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Traffic Department
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These Daughters of Mine
These Daughters of Mine
Letters to Santa 2
Letters to Santa 2

Listy do M. 2

The Red Spider
The Red Spider

Czerwony Pająk

Walpurgis Night
Walpurgis Night

Noc Walpurgi

Planet Single
Planet Single

Planeta Singli

Life Must Go On
Life Must Go On

Żyć Nie Umierać


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We are looking for sponsors


Can you help?

We are looking for sponsors and supporters!



The Polish Film Festival in Perth creates a unique opportunity for a larger audience to experience the rich Polish culture and watch film productions that are rarely presented in Australian theatres or television. 



Why should you help out?


Besides giving you and your friends a chance to see some of the best Polish films of recent years, it’s a great way to support and promote the cultural diversity of our WA community. 



Why help is needed?


Film festivals are very expensive to hold, particularly in Australia where the cost of cinema hire is very high, as is the cost of marketing, licensing fees, film shipping costs, virtual print fees… the list goes on.


Your support enables us to secure the best movies available, promote the event to a wide Australian audience and make it memorable.



How CAN you help?


There are many different ways through which you can help support the event.  


   SPONSOR    Your business or a business you know can sponsor the event and be recognised and promoted through        

                                       our marketing efforts, with prominence corresponding to the level of Sponsorship*.

                                                                                                                                                                                     *Please note all major sponsorships need to be closed by 15 May.


   ADVERTISE  A great way of getting the attention of our audience is to advertise before a film screening. 


   DONATE      You can help by making a donation.


   SUPPORT    An in-kind support will be also greatly appreciated, in particular the following services: print, photo

   IN-KIND           & video services, catering or giveaway prizes.



                            Think you can help? Contact us today!  


Polish Film Festival in Perth gratefully acknowledges the support of our Partners, Sponsors and Supporters.